PATRIZIA MONTANARO, 1956, was born in Bologna, Italy. Still a Bologna resident, Montanaro studied piano under Gino Brandi and Miriam Omodeo Donadoni at the Bologna Conservatory of Music, where she graduated in 1978. After her graduation Montanaro attended piano masterclasses both in Italy (with Annibale Rebaudengo) and abroad, performing at several concerts both as a soloist and with chamber ensembles.

Together with her career as a performer, Montanaro attended composition classes at the Bologna Conservatory of Music under Cesare Augusto Grandi and Ivan Vandor, graduating in 1992 at the Pesaro Conservatory of Music, Bruno Bettinelli her mentor. From 1989 to 1993, Montanaro attended composition classes taught by Giacomo Manzoni at Accademia di Fiesole.

After a period of intense piano practice and performances, for the last thirty years Montanaro has been constantly working as a composer being awarded prizes and recognition at several international composition contests such as:

  • ATEM “Briccialdi”, Terni, 1990 and “Camillo Togni”, Brescia, 1990, with the composition Riflessi… di risonanze e d’echi, for piano and clarinet.
  • ICONS, Torino, 1997, with vibranti figure sospese, for ensemble;
  • GEDOK, Mannheim, 1998, with …su echi della memoria, for voices and ensemble;
  • ICOMS, Torino, 2003, with in-canto, for harp and flute;
  • “Ermo Colle” Poetry & Music Contest, Tizzano Val Parma, Third Edition, 2004. Board’s Choice Award for Penelope – Tragicommedia lirica in un atto, text from the melologue of the same title by the Florentine poet Rosaria Lo Russo.

Works by Montanaro have been performed and broadcasted in Italy, Europe and the US. They have also been included in theatrical seasons and events such as those of Teatro Argentina, Roma, 2001; Teatro del Giglio, Lucca, 2002; Teatro Sala 1, Piazza di Porta S. Giovanni, Roma, 2004.

Mostly with commissioned original works, Montanaro participated in festivals and concert seasons promoted by both Italian and foreign organizations as follows:

Montanaro has been receiving invitations to give contemporary music lectures for both public audiences and Conservatories and Schools of Music. A Conservatory of Music teacher since 1980, she has been teaching Piano at the Bologna Conservatory of Music since 2008.

Works by Montanaro are published by Rugginenti, Milan, and Edipan, Rome.

Together with “Suonodonne” association, Patrizia Montanaro collaborated with her work Murex, for guitar (1993), in the making of the Tra Nord e Sud – Le musiche delle donne nel Duemila musicalcd (MAP, Milan, 2000).

In 2015 Il principe degli archi, a musical cd featuring Grazia Raimondi on violin and Aldo Orvieto on piano was released by Wide Classique. The score includes Montanaro’s Cinque Notturni for violin and piano (2013), a work that was specially commissioned for this recording.

In 2016 Continuo Records (Rome) released Créations, a double musical cd featuring Filippo Mazzoli on flute and Marika Lombardi on oboe. The score includes Montanaro’s Aulodie nell’Aura for flute and oboe (2014).

In 2017 a musical cd featuring soprano Catharina Kroeger and pianist Monica Lonero was released by Brilliant Classique. Together with the complete lieder by Alma Mahler, this cd includes Montanaro’s Canto di Penelope for soprano and piano (2003).

Patrizia Montanaro is listed in Guida alle Compositrici dal Rinascimento ai giorni nostri by Adriano Bassi (Odoya, 2016) with an interview, a detailed resume and a complete catalogue of her works.

Patrizia Montanaro is listed in:

La composizione musicale by Bruno Bettinelli (Rugginenti, 1996);

Bollettino Dantesco by Piero Mioli (Giorgio Pozzi, 2017);

L’Opera Italiana del Novecento by Piero Mioli (Manzoni, 2019)