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PATRIZIA MONTANARO was born in Bologna in 1956.

She began to study piano at the "G.B.Martini" Conservatory in Bologna and obtained her diploma in 1978.

After the diploma she attended the piano improvement classes in Italy with Maestro Annibale Rebaudengo and in France with Maestro Pierre Sancan.

As a pianist she has given many concerts both as soloist and in chamber music ensembles.


She also studied composition with Maestro Adriano Guarnieri first and then with Bruno Bettinelli with whom she got her diploma at the "G.Rossini" Conservatory in Pesaro in 1992.

She attended the classes of composition of Maestro Giacomo Manzoni at the Fiesole Academy between 1989 and 1993.


Her compositions have been performed in Italy, Switzerland, Rumania, United States and broadcast on radio.

Some of her works are published by publishers: RUGGINENTIMilan and EDIPANRome.

A CD was released early in 2002 produced by M.A.P. – Milan for the project Suonodonne Italia: "Fra nord e sud – Le musiche delle donne nel duemila" (Between north and south – The music of women in 2000) in collaboration with Frauenmusik Forum Schweiz. It includes Patrizia Montanaro's composition "Murex" for guitar performed by Maria Vittoria Jedlowski.


She was invited to give public and private conferences at classic and scientific high schools as well as the Conservatories of Music on the theme of the contemporary music and the role of female composers in our time.


Since 1980 she has been teaching piano at various Music Conservatories in Italy, and is presently Full Professor of Piano at the Music Conservatory "Luigi Cherubini" in Florence. At this Conservatory, initiating in the academic year 2004-2005, she also teaches a course included in the new syllabus for the Experimental Academic Degree level II in Musical Disciplines, "Analysis of Compositional Forms". During the two year period 2003/05, she taught "History and Analysis of Repertory" at the Music Conservatory "F.Venezze" in Rovigo. This course is included in the syllabus for the Experimental Academic Degree level II in Musical Disciplines..


Some of her compositions won awards at the International Competitions of Composition, namely:


ATEM "Briccialdi" –
Terni (2nd prize) and "C. Togni – Brescia with the composition "Riflessi … di risonanze e d’echi" for clarinet and piano;


ICONS – Turin (2nd prize) with the composition "vibranti figure sospese" for 7 Instruments;


GEDOK – Mannheim (3rd prize)
with the composition "… su echi della memoria" for Soprano, Baritone and         Ensemble;


Turin (2° prize) with the composition “in-canto”  for flute and  harp.


ERMO COLLE: Poetic-Musical Competition, third edition - Tizzano val Parma - Jury's Prize for composition:
"Penelope- Tragic Comedy in one Act" .



Her works have been performed at important Rassegne, Concerts and Festivals of contemporary music, namely:

Ninth Rassegna "Nuova Musica Italiana" - Rome – Sala A RAI

(with "Sotto l’ombra … una luce" for harpsichord and string orchestra)


3rd Convegno Nazionale "Donne Compositrici" – Milan


Tenth Rassegna "Nuova Musica Italiana" – Rome – Sala A RAI

(with "oltre un brivido" for Soprano and Ensemble)


"Itinerari ’94 – Musica 85" – Morlupo – Rome

– "Project DIONYSOS – Trieste Contemporanea ‘96" – Trieste

            (with "vibranti figure sospese" for 7 Instruments)

California State University – Department of Music – Recital



- Spring season's Concerts of "Conoscere la Musica" – Bologna (with Concerto for piano and string orchestra)                                 


Spring season's Concerts of "Conoscere la Musica" –
Bologna (with Capriccio n.2 for violin)



- Swiss Congress CenterMilan in collaboration with Frauenmusik Forum Schweiz


-  First National Convention "Donne nelle arti" - Ancona     


2001 e 2002

- ControCanto – Rome


Musica Nuova Festival – XI Edition - Senigallia ( with “care ombre placate” for narrator,  flute and harp)


Notturni Leopardiani  (Leopardiani Nocturnes) - Recanati in collaboration with Mondial Center of the Poetry and Culture “G. Leopardi”


Spring season’s Concert of “Conoscere la Musica” -  Bologna (with “in-canto” for flute and harp)



- XX Season’s Concerts – La Nuova Musica – Padova



- Musica Nuova Festival – XII Edition – Senigallia ( with Arco for violoncello and narrator)



- International Festival of Chamber Music - Grottammare  ( with Aulodia Seconda  for narrator and flute)



- Malebolge - Grandi Fiumi Museum - Rovigo
Poets/Composers/Actors/Artists interprete Thirteen Cantos (XVIII-XXX) from Dante's Inferno.


- ERMO COLLE - Poetic-Musical Competition third edition - Castle of Tizzano val Parma - (with "Penelope- Tragic Comedy in one Act")


- SALA 1 Theatre - Rome (with "Canto di Penelope" for soprano/actress and piano)


- SIMC - Sectiunea Nationalia Romana - Miercuri - Rumania
Uniunea Compozitorilor si Muzicologilor din Romania




She has written works for soloist instruments also with orchestra, she has composed for different chamber ensembles also with voice. Some works have been written for soloists and ensembles, such as: Trio OGI (Orchestra Giovanile Italiana), double-bass player Corrado Canonici, violinist Roberto Noferini, guitarist Piero Bonaguri, Chromas Ensemble of Trieste, Artisanat Furieux Ensembles of Perugia, "I Cameristi di Conoscere la Musica"Orchestra of Bologna, duo consisting of flautist Anna Maria Morini and harpist Paola Perrucci, harpist Antonella Ciccozzi and violinist Marco Rogliano.


Two important events that marked the artistic activity of Patrizia Montanaro in 2001 are the following:


-  the performance of her work for bass flute "…come vento sul monte" inspired by Saffo’s poem in the play "Così parlò Enheduanna…" created and directed by Patricia Adkins Chiti and performed at the Argentina Theatre in Rome on April 23, 2001. This work was purposely written by the composer for this play;


-  the presence of a work by Patrizia Montanaro in the context of the musical season 2001-02 in Lucca promoted by the Giglio Theatre where, in the first of two performances entirely dedicated to "The Vocal Music in twentieth-century’s chamber music" on December 5, 2001, her composition "oltre un brivido" for Soprano and Ensemble was performed together with Pierrot Lunaire of A. Schonberg (both works with the same instrumental ensemble) and the Sieben fruhe Lieder of A. Berg. The performers were Soprano Catharina Kroeger and Agon Ensemble, conducted by Stefano Adabbo


 In the years 2002 and 2003, Patrizia Montanaro was commissioned to write two works for the Musica Nuova Festival di Senigallia (The New Music Festival in Senigallia): “care ombre placate” and “Arco”.
Care ombre placate
was composed for the XI Edition ’02 for a monographic concert based on texts by Maria Luisa Spaziani. This piece, written for narrator, flute and harp, was performed by Mariano Rigillo (narrator), Annamaria Morini (flute) and Paola Perucci (harp).
was written for the XII Edition ’03 for a concert dedicated to the poet Maria Grazia Maiorino and the painter Giovanni Schiaroli; inspired by a Schiaroli painting  and some Maiorino verses. It was composed for violoncello and narrator; performed by Giovanna Barbati (violoncello) and Mauro Pierfederici (narrator). 


Also in the year 2003, the Bologna AssociationConoscere la Musica" commissioned Patrizia Montanaro to compose a piece for flute and harp entitled “in-canto”. This composition was performed by the Annamaria Morini and Paola Perrucci Duo for the Inaugural Concert of the Spring Season 2003 at the Sala Bossi of the Music Conservatory in Bologna.


In the year 2002, Partizia Montanaro met the Florentine poet Rosaria Lo Russo. This meeting, along with Patrizia Montanaro’s long  artistic association with the German opera singer Catharina Kroeger, helped to realize two compositions based on R. Lo Russo’s poetic/theatrical monologue Penelope; sung by C. Kroeger. These two works were: Canto di PenelopeMelologo – for soprano/actress and piano (composed in 2003), and Penelope Tragic Comedy in one Act for soprano, narrator, piano, antique harp and modern harp (composed in 2004) in the entire version of the same text.

The two compositions, Canto di Penelope and Penelope had their première perfonmances in the year 2004. The former was included in the show "Frauen/Femmes/Women/Donne" presented in Rome at the SALA 1 Theatre, interpreted by Catharina Kroeger (soprano-actress) and Monica Lonero at the piano. Gustavo Frigerio was the producer.

Penelope instead was presented in the Third Edition of Poetic-Musical Competition ERMO COLLE which took place at the Castle of Tizzano val Parma, and was awarded the Jury's Prize and the Critics' Prize.


A Concert Series on the theme "Dante's Inferno, Cantos XVIII-XXX" was organized in the year 2004 by the Music Conservatory "F.Venezze" of Rovigo in collaboration with the Province of Rovigo and the Lemming Theatre. This was its third edition. For this Series, composer Patrizia Montanaro was commissioned to develop a work based on the poetry of Dante's Canto XX. The piece that ensued is entitled "... per la selva fonda" and is written for Narrator, Flute and Flute in G, Violin, Cello and Percussion. The work was presented at the 2004 Concert Series and narrated by the poet Rosaria Lo Russo, who also did a poetry reading of Dante's Canto XX for the occasion. Thirteen composer and thirteen poets contributed to the Concert Series, each dedicated their creativity to a different Canto by Dante which was either developed into a musical score or narrated/commented on. Montanaro's musical score "... per la selva fonda" was premiered on June 6th 2004 at the Grandi Fiumi Museum in Rovigo; the interpreters were: Rosaria Lo Russo (narrator), Daniele Ruggieri (flutes), Marco Rogliano (violin), Luca Paccagnella (cello) and Nunzio Dicorato (percussion).